Ronny and Daphna  wedding in Israel 1995 with Ofair's friends Avigdor,and Iris
Dora Razin and Ofair and Ronny
Ofair with Ronny, Daphna, Sonia and Martin, and Shula razin in Washington D.C
Ofair and Daphna
Ofair, Ehud and Yoni and Whashington D.C.
Family and friends dinner while Ofair visit home with Ronny, Vered, Iris, Adi and Yoav Kashiv
Ofair at his birthday party with Ida
Ofair and Ronny
Ofair and Yoni in Washington D.C
Dinner at home in Israel with family friends with Yoav Kashiv
Ofair and family at Ronny and Daphna reseption at home  before the wedding 31.12.95
Ofair at his home in Washinton D.C
Ofair is fourth from right
Ofair is second from the left side
Ofair is first
Ofair Razin